The following case studies show the results of the best of Dr. Anderson’s client engagement in each of the following categories with some links to how to get those results:

The Hoffman Engineering brand of Pentair brought Dr. Anderson in as they were planning a leading-edge plant to build to order a  wide range of mass-customized and standard electrical enclosures on-demand without needing forecasts or inventory. Then Hoffman build a $ 30.000.000 greenfield plant based on his principles, which are summarized on the home page.

                After the plant was built, the operation was so impressive that he personally arranged to lead two public plant tours for the Association of Manufacturing Excellence (AME) after his one-day BTO seminar on Build-to-Order.  This plant was featured in a Fortune magazine article: “Where Build-to-Order Works Best,” in Fortune 500 issue dated April 26, 1999.
            As guest editor for a special mass customization issue of the Agility Forum’s journal, Agility & Global Competition (Vol. 2, No. 2, Spring 1998), he arranged for Hoffman managers to write the article, “Mass Customization Comes to Hoffman.” Faxes or scans of this articles are available on request. See the on-line summary of the Agility Forum article on Mass Customization Comes to Hoffman.


• Design of Industrial Equipment. This success, in the above company, also changed their business model from after-market sales to new product development, based on the DFM principles persented herein.

LG Electronics. On four trips to Korea in the late 1990's, Dr. Anderson’s management consulting and executive education recommended that they shift away from (a) their commodity-level products, like their Goldstar brand (the “G” in “Lucky Goldstar”) and (b) low-profit contract manufacture job. He recommended that they rationalized their products to focus on the most profitable ones and take advantage of their vertically integrated capabilities to build leading-edge products. Today LG sells premium LG brand of plat panel displays and other leading-edge products.

BEST CLIENT FOR COST REDUCTION. An industrial processing equipment manufacturer reached their 40% cost reduction goal after the first seminar and workshop on Design for Manufacturability & Concurrent Engineering.
            Based on that this first success, the company brought Dr. Anderson in to provide DFM seminars and workshop for four more divisions, three of which were acquisitions whose product development process was expected to follow his DFM&C methodologies.

To learn how to reduce cost by 50% or more, see article on cost reduction or visit

An innovative Aerospace/Defense company arranged a two-day DFM seminar, which had twice the sign-ups as the class could handle. The day after the seminar, the company summarized the attendees’ answers to the question: “What applies most from the seminar?” on an implementation spreadsheet with columns for: the principle summary, driving factors, corrective actions, impacts from inadequate action, and implementation leader.

For DFM seminar agenda, see:

MOST REPEAT ENGAGEMENTS. The results of initial client engagements were so successful that the following companies arranged Dr. Anderson for repeat engagements: eight at Hewlett-Packard,six at Emergency-One Firetrucks, five at GE, four at Korea’s LG Electronics (see above), four at Boeing, four at BAE Systems, four at Smiths Aerospace (now GE Aircraft), three at Ball Aerospace, three at FMC, two at NCR, two at Emerson Electric, two at Freightliner, two at John Deere, and two at United Technologies Corporation.

Dr. Anderson’s clients are listed by category and then by number of engagements a


Emergency One (a firetruck manufacturer) brought Dr. Anderson back for the following training and workshops:
• two-day seminar on Mass Customization
• one-day implementation workshop on Mass Customization
• two-day seminar on Design for Manufacturability and Concurrent Engineering
• one-day Standardization workshop
• two fixturing workshops, one for cabs and one for bodies.

LONGEST CONSULTING ENGAGEMENT. The robot division of PRI/Automation brought in Dr. Anderson for six years to do consulting ranging from improving existing products to generating concepts studies for a third-generation robot, when there was no second! This engagement included a two-day DFM seminar showing many company examples.

• two Concentrated Solar Power companies (CSP) went bankrupt after contacting Df. Anderson but not pursuing any training or consulting.
• A Silicon Valley start-up went bankrupt after holding a seminar but cutting it short and cancelling the DFM session of a DFM course because they thought it was “preaching to the choir.”

Companies are at risk if they keep designing just for function in the typical scenario presented the first section
in the Concurrent Engineering article and keep getting the consequences, in the section section. 
The rest of the article shows how to eliminate these problems and risks using Concurrent Engineering


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