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Cost Reduction Seminars

All Half Cost Products seminars and workshops are personally performed by Dr. David M. Anderson, P.E., CMC.

All in-house seminars and workshops are customized to each company’s product line.  Seminars are two days in length for all relevant people in the company.  Workshops focus in implementation, where the people involved the key people who will be doing the implementation.   The baseline agenda would include the eight Cost Reduction Strategies presented at the business model level:

1. Cost Reduction by Design, which includes Design for Manufacturability & Concurrent Engineering.

2. Lean Production Cost Reduction, which includes strategies for lean production and how to design for lean production.

3. Overhead Cost Reduction, which includes Build-to-Order and Mass Customization in addition to how to design for BTO.

4. Standardization Cost Reduction, which includes standardization strategies and methodologies to standardize parts.

5. Product Line Rationalization Cost Reduction, on how to rationalize products to simplify SCM and focus resources.

6. Supply Chain Management Cost Reduction, with standardization, rationalization, and designing for lean and BTO.

7. Quality Cost Reduction, including identifying the Cost of Quality, eliminating it, and Designing Products for Quality.

8. Total Cost Measurements, including the strategic importance and how to measure total cost.

Separate in-depth seminars and workshops can be presented by Dr. Anderson on:

Design for Manufacturability Seminars

Build-to-Order & Mass Customization Seminars

Rationalization and Standardization Seminar/Workshops

See below for comments from post-seminar surveys.

Form for more information about seminars and workshops:

I am interested in in-house seminars on Half Cost Products

I am interested in in-house seminars on Design for Manufacturability & Concurrent Engineering

I am interested in in-house seminars on Build-to-Order & Mass Customization

I am interested in in-house seminars and workshops on Standardization

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What attendees are saying about Dr. Anderson’s Seminars:

Comments on the Content:

"Very good"
"Fun and entertaining"
"Well worth the time and cost"
"Well structured and informative"
"Good anecdotes; kept my attention"
"Very good – nice organization and delivery"
"Every item was worth considering and useful"
"The seminar was very well prepared and quite useful"
"The best seminar I have attended in my 20 years here!"
"Examples and case studies are interesting and educational"
"Good examples to illustrate the topics and facts; very well organized"
"The pre-seminar survey is a great tool - good segue into the seminar"
"Excellent presentation and material. Highly recommend for any company"
"Anecdotal addition to overheads are very valuable in creating a complete understanding of the point"

Comments on the Instructor:

"Knows material"
"Good sense of humor"
"A true believer – good"
"Enthusiastic and entertaining"
"Very good subject knowledge"
"Amazing grasp of the material"
"Knowledgeable and entertaining"
"Very knowledgeable, informative"
"Expert knowledge and experience"
"Responded to questions very well"
"Good relevant industry background"
"Knowledgeable and easy to listen to"
"Very knowledgeable and kept my interest"
"Very good speaker & very knowledgeable"
"Excellent; provoked input; cited examples"
"Interesting references to experiences he has had"
"Very experienced and knowledgeable about the subject"
"He wrote the book, knows the material, and presents it very well"
"Good; Lots of enthusiasm; Understands the content extremely well"
"Very good. Obviously has much experience in the field of DFM as well as other related subjects"

Comments on the Presentation:

"Well presented"
"Very well spoken."
"Good interactions"
"Excellent presentation"
"Engaging and enjoyable"
"Good presentation skills"
"Good; up-beat, entertaining"
"Well prepared and well delivered"
"Good level of energy in presentation"
"Very good at getting class participation"
"Good – held attention; kept subject matter moving"
"Very well presented - engaging, fast-paced, good sense of humor"
"Very good; Enjoyable; Interesting; Humorous; Excellent presentation"

Comments on Handouts:

"Clear and simple"
"Much better than usual"
"Will be a great reference"
"Detailed and easy to read"
"Saved me from taking notes"
"Good; I hope to refer to this often"
"Necessary for referral at a later date"
"Very useful; Use of complete sentences and use of bullet lists are effective."
"Good for not having to take notes – can focus on presentation ideas and discussion"
"Far, far more reference material, information than the standard PowerPoint presentation."
"Appreciate the condensed, slim handout (instead of the usual telephone book of view-graphs
most course instructors hand out)"

Comments on the Relevance of Dr. Anderson's Seminars

"Very relevant"
"Extremely relevant"
"Very relevant and applicable"
"Very relevant – we need this now!"
"Directly applicable, timely, extremely useful"
"Every part of the seminar had a take-away message"
"I took away several useful guidelines I can use today"
"Very good! Industrial experience and contacts are very relevant"
"Seminar 100% relevant, appropriate, applicable, & useful IMMEDIATELY!"
"Useful from both the conceptual and specific recommendation’s perspective!"
"Can take the knowledge of the last 2 days & start to apply to current practices and processes"
"Most of the material was very relevant and useful. We will put much of it into practice, starting immediately on our next products."

For more information call or e-mail:

Dr. David M. Anderson, P.E., CMC
phone: 1-805-924-0100
fax: 1-805-924-0200
e-mail: andersondm@aol.com

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