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Build-to-Order and Mass Customization Clients of
Dr. David M. Anderson, P.E., fASME, CMC


Clients for Build-to-Order and DFM; All personally presented by Dr. Anderso

Hoffman Engineering (build-to-order of large sheet metal enclosures), who, based on Dr. Andersonís principles built a $30 million greenfield BTO plant. Later he hosted two AME tours of the site, after two public BTO seminars.

Coper B-Line, division of Cooper Industries (BTO for general-purpose sheet metal electrical enclosures and cable trays).

LG Groupís Manufacturing Research Center, where Dr. Anderson made four trips to Korea to teach mass customization and do relating consulting.

John Deere (BTO seminar for garden tractors);

  • Kinze Manufacturing (Nass Custimization/BTO/Cellllular Manufacturing seminar, followed by workshops on Rationalization and Standardization for farm machinery),

Freightliner (DFM seminar and one week of consulting on Mass Customization strategy for semi-Tucks);

Emergency-One (mass customization seminar for firetruck manufacturer, implementation workshop, DFM seminar, standardization workshop, and two flexible

  • EDS Consulting now AT Kearney (speech on Mass Customization)



  • Pillsburry: Mass Customiztion seeminar  for prepared backing supplies
  • Kraft: Lead  Mass Customization summit, spoke on it, and arranged for Kraft peiple to engage in supply chain  simlation  about ording excessess, called "the Bear Game"
  • FMC:  two DFM seminars  (food processing machinery)
  • Enocis;  DFM   seminar  for manufacturing of industrial kitchen stoves. 
  • FMC entral Engineering Lab:  At the founding site of FMD, did manufacturing strategy onulting on the retortabable pouch as the replace for food canning

Industrial Equipment Clients:

  • five DFM seminars and five  worshops, including elements of the cost/steel reduction workshop for large frames for  Barry Wehmiller (converting equipment for the paper industry).
  • five DFM seminar/workshop engagements at General Electric (including GE Transportation, GE Power, and GE Energy)
  • two DFM seminars at  United Technologies Corp. (for fire/security systems and another in Electronics section)
  • two DFM or Standardization engagements at Emerson Electric (seminars and consulting for electric motors; rationalization for gas regulators)
  • two DFM seminars at FMC (food processing machinery)
  • Alliance Machinery (DFM seminar for large cardboard box machines and cost/steel reduction workshop  for large frames)
  • Thermo-Fisher Scientific (DFM seminar for radiation hardened CID cameras)_
  • Idatech (DFM seminar and cost/steel reduction workshop fuel-cell generators)
  • IMW Industries of Canada (DFM seminar and cost/steel reduction workshops for dock-scale natural gas compressors)
  • Advanced Energy Industries DFM seminar and cost/steel reduction workshops. one on power-plant scale inverters; other in electronics section)
  • Hoffman/Schroff (BTO seminars/workshops on large electrical enclosures)
  • Cooper Industries (BTO seminar electronic cabinets and cable trays)
  • Bimba Manufacturing (pneumatic cylinders and actuation systems)
  • Badger Meter (DFM seminar for water meters)
  • KI Furnature (DFM seminar for office furniture)
  • Exemplis (BTO seminar for office chairs)
  • Midmark Corporation (rationalization Dental/Medical tools and furniture)
  • GE Nuclear for large worst-case scenario filters (consulting version of what is now cost/steel reduction workshop)
  • Siemens for cost reduction consulting on very large structures for postal sorting facility (consulting that is now covered in cost/steel reduction workshop )

Processing Equipment Clients

  • Airco/BOC (DFM seminar and lengthy consulting version of what is now cost/steel reduction workshop  for 400 foot-long vacuum deposition chambers for coating window glass)
  • PRI Automation (DFM seminar and 6 years consulting on clean room robots, including design studies on linkage-based mechanisms)
  • Veeco (DFM seminar and workshop for semiconductor processing equipment)
  • Asyst Technologies (DFM seminar for clean room environments)
  • Electro Scientific Industries (DFM seminar and consulting for semiconductor processing equipment)
  • Prometrix (DFM seminar semiconductor processing equipment)
  • Measurex (DFM seminar for paper processing equipment)
  • Rader Companies (DFM seminar forpaper pulp processing equipment)
  • Raco Manufacturing (consulting remote controls and alarms)

Aerospace/Defense Clients

  • Lockheed Martin (two-day seminar on Concurrent Engineering & Build-to-Order for Low-Volume/High-Mix Environments)
  • four DFM seminars at Boeing in 2001 (commercial aircraft)
  • four DFM seminars at BAE Systems (airplane controls and infrared vision/targeting systems),
  • four DFM seminars at Smiths Aerospace, now GE Aviation (aircraft control panels, starter/generators, and power supplies),
  • three DFM seminars at L-3 Communications (GPS systems);
  • three DFM seminars at Ball Aerospace (space and stealth aircraft space communications)
  • three engagements at Loral Western Development Labs, now L-3 (military radios)
  • DRS Environmental, division of Finmechanica (DFM seminar and Cost/Steel reduction workshop  (military  shelters)
  • GE Distributed Power (DFM seminar for jet-engine-powered stationary and trailered power plants)
  • DFM seminar and workshop at General Dynamics (aerospace and defense products)
  • DFM seminar and implementation meeting at CPI Beverly Microwave Division, the radar spin-off of Varian (microwave assemblies, receiver/protectors, transmitters, magnetrons, amplifiers);
  • Randtron, now L-3 (DFM seminar for radar antennas for AWACS)
  • Med-Eng division of Safariland Corp (blast attenuated seats and blast suite)
  •  Cobham, Seatel (DFM seminar for marine antennas)
    Cobham, Continental (DFM seminar for airborne antennas)
  • Moog Aircraft, (DFM seminar for hydraulic actuators),
  • Honeybee Robotics Space Mechanisms (DFM seminar for space probe robots and mechanisms),
  • Kaiser Electronics (DFM seminar for heads-up displays for fighter jets);
  • Driessen, (DFM seminar for aircraft galleys),
  • Oceaneering Space Systems (DFM seminar for astronaut tools),
  • B. E. Meyers (DFM seminar for locating lasers),
  • Rix Industries (consulting for armored door egress mechanisms)

Electronics Clients

  • eight DFM seminar/workshop engagements at Hewlett-Packard,
  • five DFM seminars at Plantronics (phone head sets),
  • four trips to Korea for LG Electronics,
  • two seminars at United Technologies (one for Carrier air-conditioners and heaters; another in Industrial Equipment )
  • two DFM seminars at NCR (ATM machines and Point-of-Sale terminals)
  • two DFM seminars and a workshop at Winegard (tracking TV antennas for RVs),
  • Advanced Energy Industries (seminar and two workshops, one RF power supplies; other listed in Industrial Products)
  • Gatan (DFM seminar formass spectrometry and  image processing for electron microscopes)
  • SeaTel (DFM seminar for tracking TV marine antennas),
  • Magnetic Analysis Corporation (DFM seminar for non-destructive testers),
  • Industrial Scientific (DFM seminar for gas detectors)
  • Lightwave (DFM seminar for Lasers),
  • Silicon Light Machines (DFM seminar for Laser projection systems)
  • ILC Technology (DFM seminar for lamps and light sources)
  • AOptix Technologies (DFMseminar for adaptive optics biometric scanners),
  • JDSU (DFM seminar for coax cable diagnostic tools),
  • Anritsu (DFM seminar for cable diagnostic tools),
  • Qualcomm (DFM seminar cell-phone development prototypes and evaluation platforms),
  • Capetronic, Taiwan (DFM seminar and workshop for computer CRT monitors)
  • Northern Telecom (DFM seminar for telephones),
  • Network Equipment Technologies (DFM seminar for network hardware)
  • two DFM seminars and a workshop at Glenayre Electronics (pager transmitters),
  • Storage Tek (DFM seminar for high capacity tape and disk drives)

Commercial Vehicle Clients

  • Bucyrus, div. of Caterpillar (DFM seminar and cost/steel reduction workshop for for large underground mining vehicles)
  • DRS Environmental, division of Finmechanica (DFM seminar and Cost/Steel reduction workshop  (large four-axle missle trailers)
  • Terex ASV; DFM seminar, which included cost/steel reduction principles, for tracked and skid-steer tractors
  • GE Transportation; DFM seminar, which included cost/steel reduction principles, and tier-4 workshop for Diesel Locomotive Engines.
  • Freightliner (DFM seminar and week-long Mass Customization strategy consulting for semi-tractors),
  • John Deere;  DFM consulting and BTO seminar  for yard tractors);
  • Case Tractor (executive education at the Haas Graduate School of Business at UC Berkeley)
  • Kinze Manufacturing (BTO/Cellular Manufacturing seminar, followed by workshops on Rationalization and Standardization for farm machinery),
  • Emergency One (for firetruck manufacturer, provided six seminar on Mass Customization, a Mass Customization Implementation workshop, a DFM seminar, a Standardization workshop, and two  cost/steel reduction workshops  for for sheetmetal and tubing)

Medical Products Companies:

  • Bayer Pharaceutical, Medical Device group (DFM seminar including designing product families and Product-Specific workshop for contrast media injectors)
  • BioNTech, in collaboration with Genentech (division of Roche), is pioneering the mRNA-based cancer cure that will be personalized to every patient (Dr. Anderson is providing expertise in mass customization strategies and flexible processing equipment)
  • Atricure  which is pioneering medical devices for minimally invasive heart surgery for atrial fibrillation known as "A-Fib;" (DFM webionar for two sites)
  • St. Jude Medical (two DFM seminars and an implementation meeting for pacemakers and implantible defibrillators))
  • Invivo, now Philips  (three DFM seminars for  (MRI image processing)
  • Beckman-Coulter (two DFM seminars for hematology lab equipment);
  • Salient Surgical Technology (DFM seminar, workshop, and executive overview at Salient Surgical Technology (transcollation surgical tools)
  • Varian Medical Systems (DFM seminar and two workshops for Oncology radiation treatment machines);
  • HP Medical Products Group, now Philips (DFM seminar for four divisions, inclusing Acusound group) 
  • Abiomed (DFM seminar for catheter-based blood pumps)
  • Spectranetics (tooling wokrshop and DFM management overview (for cather-based lasers)
  • Biolase (DFM seminar for laser-based dental surgical tools)
  • Advanced Bionics (DFM seminar for Cochlear hearing implants)
  • Becton-Dickinson (DFM seminar for laser-based immunocytrometry lab equipment)
  • Medrad (DFM seminar for tracer injectors);
  • Origin Medsystems (DFM seminar for surgical tools);
  • Natus (DFM seminar for infant care products);
  • Bausch & Lomb (Mass Customization seminar for Ray-Ban glasses)
  • Allergan-Humphreys (DFM seminar for medical products)
  • Hollister (DFM seminar and plant evaluation for ostomy products)
  • plus management overviews  for Baxter Healthcare, Guidant, Salient Surgical Technology, and Spectranetic


Dr. Anderson was an internal speaker/panelist for:

  • Week-long Mass Customization summit participation at Freightliner
  • Panelist on assembly panel at Caterpillar (Bulldozer division)
  • Panelist at Johnson Controls (Die-Hard batttery group)
  • EDS Consulting now AT Kearney (speech on Mass Customization)
  • Price Waterhouse R&D Effectiveness Practice (presentation on DFM)
  • Hewlett-Packard Engineering Conference,
  • Emerson Electric (two speeches at internal conferences)
  • BAE Systems (speech at evening meeting on DFM)
  • Watkins-Johnson (DFM overview speech)
  • National Semiconductor (Executive overview on DFM)
  • Applied Materials (speech on Concurrent Engineering)
  • Lam Research (two days of speeches and meetings on DFM)
  • Beckman-Coulter (speech as reagent group)
  • Generic CADD (now Autodesk)
  • Octel
  • Stanford Telecom
  • Wiltron/Anritsu
  • QSC Audio
  • Rainbird
  • Enodis
  •  Schlumberger (for a speech on the future of manufacturing)


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