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Two major new articles on scalability at: 

Scalability for Major Programs and 

Scalable Innovation as Fast as Needed


New article: The Case Against Offshoring; and What to Replace it with
Companion article on the  hidden  offshorIng costs

Article: Strategies for recessions and getting back to work

New Article on strategy http://www.design4manufacturability.com/strategy.htm

New article How BTO can Help Design Half-Cost Products

      New Executyve Overviews ib: Mass Customization and Flexible Manufacturing

Seminal White Paper on: Concurrent Engineering of Challenging Products at http://www.design4manufacturability.com/concurrent-engineering.htm

Results from BTO and DFM implementations

New article on Half Cost Solar Power at http://www.halfcostproducts.com/half_cost_solar.html    fg                fs             fc

Article on "How to Build-to-Order Product Families"

Article on Inventory Reduction

Article on Recession Strategies: How BTO Can Help in a Recession, Immediately with little capital cost

Build-to-Order article

Mass Customization article

Training for Build-to-Order & Mass Customization article (on the Implementation page)

Achieving Growth through BTO & Mass Customization article

On-Demand Lean Production article as a key prerequisite

Spontaneous Supply Chain article to pull parts and materials on-demand

Product Line Rationalization article

Standardization article as a key prerequisite

Automatic Resupply Techniques article: kanban and breadtruck

Kanban article with kanban illustration

End of the Line for Mass Production; No Time for Batches and Queues article, a witty and hard-hitting editorial on the demise of Mass Production

Hoffman Enclosures case study, who used these BTO techniques to build a wide variety of standard and mass customized products on-demand.

Half Cost Products; link to www.HalfCostProducts.com

"The Build-to-Order Future," article by Dr. Anderson on the futurist web-site: The Next Twenty Years: http://www.tnty.com/newsletter/futures/lifestyle2.html

"Tearing Down the Walls with Vendor/Partnerships," link to on-line article at Fabricating & Metalworking magazine (January 2008)

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