Build-to-Order and Mass Customization Seminars

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    Seminars on Build-to-Order and Mass Customization are based on Dr. Andersonís book, "Build-to-Order & Mass Customization; The Ultimate Supply Chain Management and Lean Manufacturing Strategy for Low-Cost On-Demand Production without Forecasts or Inventory," his AME sponsored course, "Spontaneous Build-to-Order, How to Satisfy Spontaneous Customer Orders Without Forecasts, Inventory, or Purchasing Delays," and his APICS sponsored course, "Profiting from Lean Production."  He has presented many speeches at conferences on Mass Customization and product development topics

    Many build-to-order/mass-customization scenarios has been worked out for several industries and will be published in the forthcoming book, "The Build-to-Order & Mass Customization Casebook."  These specific methodologies are available now for consulting and seminar clients.  

Typical seminar topics include:

C Proactive methodologies to manage variety and to quickly and cost-effectively customize products for individual customers or niche markets and build-to-order standard products without forecasts or inventory

C The cost of variety for mass production and mass customization

C How BTO and mass customization work

C Examples showing the flow of information and parts for electronics and fabricated products

C How product line rationalization simplifies operations and supply chain management

C Standardization improve flexibility and lower total cost; Generating preferred parts lists

C Concurrent engineering of versatile product families and flexible manufacturing capabilities

C Modular design to optimize flexibility, cost, development time, and serviceability

C Implementing lean production to achieve batch-size-of-one flexibility

C Using these principles to minimize inventory and all the costs associated with inventory

C The need for total cost measurements to quantify overhead costs and optimize decisions

C Eliminating the need for Engineering Change Orders, based on DFM techniques to "do-it-right-the-first-time" and Dr. Andersonís at the 6th annual Agility Conference: "How Mass Customization Can Proactively Manage Change."

C Agile information systems: configurators, parametric CAD, CAD/CAM, CNC

C Implementing BTO and Mass Customization

C The business case for BTO and Mass Customization

Call or e-mail to discuss the possibilities:

Dr. David M. Anderson, P.E., CMC
Management Consultant
Build-to-Order Consulting
phone: 1-805-924-0100
fax: 1-805-924-0200

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