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How to avoid most shortages now 
AND design new products for unlimited Scalability

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Scalability for Major Programs and Scalable Innovation as Fast as Needed

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HOW  TO  IMPLEMENT  BUILD-TO-ORDER  with self-supporting  steps:

A)  Eliminate Setup/Changeovers, which will save all that time, cost  avoid wasting machine capacity, and enable the elimination of inventory (next).

B) Eliminating Inventory while improving order fulfillment

C) Pull parts into production on-demand instead of forecasts  → purchase-orders → waiting → inspecting → parts-inventory → kitting for batch production, which usually goes into inventory.


If you don't know who your customers are going to be or what they want, then you need to Build-to-Order everything

If you don't have enough NPD resources  and do not  know which customers to design for, then
 design broad Product Families that can all be Built t0-Order. (see  Section  4.7  in the   2020  DFM  book)

In this day and age, combining all of the above can enable organizations to be flexible and quickly adapt with respect to enable factories to adapt to challenges to workforce availability by the following methodologies:

1) Design for Manufacturability teaches how to minimize skill demands by design. The DFM site page on Manufacturability Research shows how do this in research. See https://www.design4manufacturability.com/research.htm , which research functions can apply immediately.

.The cost/steel reduction workshop shows how to replace high-skill-demand weldments with rigid and precise assemblies of automated CNC machined parts. See:  https://www.design4manufacturability.com/steel-reduction-workshop.htm 

2) Concurrent Engineering shows how to cut in half the resource-hours needed to develop products AND cut in half the hours to build those products AND cut in half the usual indirect labor. See the white-paper: " Concurrent Engineering for Challenging Products" at:  https://www.design4manufacturability.com/concurrent-engineering.htm 

-3) Prioritization focused on the highest return of resources invested by avoiding "taking all orders" with Product Line Rationalization. 

4) Lean Production can "double labor productivity  all the way through the system (for direct, managerial, and technical workers, from raw materials to delivered product) - says Womack & Jones in "Lean Thinking" on page 27.

Major articleHow Build-to-Order Works  shows two perspective (3D)  plant layouts for Electronics (fig.1) and Fabricated Parts or Products (Fig 2)



Build-to-Order and Mass Customization represent a viable business model that offers an unbeatable combination of responsiveness, cost, and customer satisfaction.  Click on image for details of book on "Build-to-Order & Mass Customization" of click "books" icon above.

Build-to-Order Read Recession Strategies on ways BTO can help immediately.                                         

Build to order enables the manufacture of any quantity of standard products on-demand without forecasts, inventory, or purchasing delays with unique Spontaneous Build-to-Order methodologies.  Customized in-house seminars and consulting show how to implement BTO.

Free BTO book, signed by the author, for US callers.  Just call Dr. Anderson at 805-924-0100 (after 8:30 am Pacific) for a free assessment of how much these methodologies can help your company

Mass Customization

Mass Customization enables manufacturers to build products on-demand that are mass customized for niche markets, various countries, or individual customers with Mass Customization techniques.  In-house seminars shows how to implement mass customization.

Lean Production, Supply Chain Management, Product Portfolio Planning, Part Standardization

Implement Lean Production, flow production, flexible manufacturing, setup/batch/inventory reduction, and the ultimate in Supply Chain Management where parts are build-to-order based on assembly "pull signals" or automatically resupplied by kanban. Simplify supply chains optimal outsourcing decisions and with:

(1) Product Line Rationalization to eliminate or outsource older, low-volume products with the most part variety and

(2) Part Standardization and raw material standardization.

Cost Reduction & Design for Manufacturability

Sectio 3.8 in the 2020 DFM book on Half Cost Product development focuses on 9 cost categories that  cost results range    from half to 10 times less,  for the overhead in overhead categories.  

THis is presented at the web page: Designing Half Cost Products at:  https://www.design4manufacturability.com/designing_half_cost_products.htm 

The easiest to implement at that level of cost savings (without needing to change the cost system) is material overhead (Section 3.8.10: "Material Overhead Can be Cut by 10 Times").

On-Demand Production

Use Build-to-Order and mass customization to build products on-demand to satisfy industrial customers, mail order, or rapid on-demand replenishment of stores for Lean Retailing resupply.


Build-to-order and mass customization represent a viable business model that offers an unbeatable combination of responsiveness, cost, and products that customers want when they want them. It enables companies to build any product - standard or custom - on demand without forecasts, batches, inventory, or working capital.  Read the article Recession Strategies to find out how BTO can immediately lower costs, improve profits, and free valuable resources to improve operations, quality, and product development, without major capital costs.

Build-to-order  and mass customization companies enjoy substantial cost advantages from eliminating inventory, forecasting, expediting, kitting, setup, and inefficient fire-drill efforts to customize products. BTO results in more efficient utilization of people, machinery, and floor space.

Build-to-order and mass customization substantially simplifies supply chains not just "managing" them to the point where parts and materials can be spontaneously pulled into production without forecasts, MRP, purchasing, waiting, or warehousing.

Build-to-order and mass customization is the best way to resupply parts to OEMs or products to "lean retail" stores who demand rapid replenishment, low cost, and high order fulfillment rates without the classic inventory dilemma: too little inventory saves cost but increases out-of-stocks, missed sales, expediting, and disappointed customers; too much inventory adds carrying costs and costly obsolescence.

Build to Order and mass customization companies can grow sales and profits by expanding sales of standard products in addition to customized, derivative, and niche market products, while avoiding the commodity trap. BTO companies are the first to market with new technologies since distribution "pipelines" do not have to be emptied first.

The mass customization capabilities of build-to-order can quickly and efficiently customize products for niche markets, countries, regions, industries, and individual customers.

Learn about Dr. Anderson's  Build-to-Order & Mass Customization Webinar: Customized to your products, cab reach unlimited attendees wherever they are.  Four afternoon on sessions allow everyone to get, at least, half day f work between sessions.

New Article on strategy http://www.design4manufacturability.com/strategy.htm


The very first step may be to start with a few hours of the DFM thought-leader to help formulate strategies and implementation planning.  See his consulting page:  http://design4manufacturability.com/Consulting.htm


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Cost reduction - Reduce your manufacturing cost. Our cost reduction program shows 8 strategies on how to significantly reduce cost. Cost reduction can result in significant product cost saving.

ustomization, build to order, flow, lean production, JIT & standardization: leading-edge consulting, seminars, articles & books on the ultimate in supply chain management, cost & agility.

Mass customization and build to order - articles, books, consulting and seminars. Simplify your supply chain, extend lean production to build mass-customized or standard products on-demand.

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Mass customization, build to order, flow, lean production, JIT & standardization: leading-edge consulting, seminars, articles & books on the ultimate in supply chain management, cost & agility.

Mass customization and build to order - articles, books, consulting and seminars. Simplify your supply chain, extend lean production to build mass-customized or standard products on-demand.